N3FJP – 23 January 2017

Version entity is Belarus, EU

ADIFCnt.txt contains 340 current DXCC entities and 61 deleted entities
arrlpre3.txt contains 16258 prefix+callsign mappings
cqwwpre3.txt contains 16407 prefix+callsign mappings


Added/changed Callsigns/prefixes:

  • MM8A is Shetland Islands, *GM/s
  • KC4/N2TA is in ITU zone 67, not ITU zone 70
  • KC4/N2TA is in CQ zone 38, not CQ zone 29
  • LU6ECW/Z is Antarctica, CE9 in ITU zone 73
  • VU3LBP and VU3LBP/P are both Antarctica, CE9 in CQ zone 39, ITU zone 69
  • AN400L and AN400U are both Canary Islands, EA8
  • TO3Z is Guadeloupe, FG
  • TX5T is Austral Islands, FO/a
  • GB6BEN is Scotland, GM
  • 4U7F is Italy, I
  • NH7WC is Guam, KH2
  • AB3WS, K3UNS, K8EUT, KB7VUR, KF4OOB, KF6IVV, N7AMY and WA0FUR are all Hawaii, KH6
  • AD7MF, KE5GEB, KE7KAT, KE7KYU, KF4YFD, KH7DA, KI6HGW, N0XS and W9JMC are all Alaska, KL
  • KV4DN is US Virgin Islands, KP2
  • KC2UXP, KG4IRC and KM4ZJW are all Puerto Rico, KP4
  • LU2AFE/D is Argentina, LU
  • LU5DF/X is Argentina, LU in ITU zone 16
  • OH1XW/S and OH6EFH/SA are both Finland, OH
  • RA9WU/4/M is in ITU zone 30, not ITU zone 29
  • R80PSP and R90DOSAAF are both European Russia, UA
  • RA9WU/4/P is European Russia, UA in ITU zone 30
  • R1336FO and R680FBO are both Kaliningrad, UA2
  • RT4C/8 is Asiatic Russia, UA9
  • LU4CJM/Z and OA0MP are both South Shetland Islands, VP8/h

Removed Callsigns/prefixes:

  • N2TA/KC4 in Antarctica, CE9
  • TX5T in Mayotte, FH
  • W3HG in American Samoa, KH8
  • W4ZZU in Alaska, KL
  • KB9KHC in US Virgin Islands, KP2