Version History

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This is the source of the country file for logging software written by Scott N3FJP.

You can follow this link to the Version History to see the date of the most recent release.

IMPORTANT: This country file is only for users of AC Log 4.0 (and later) and the related contesting programs. This file contains more prefix and callsign mappings than the older versions of AC Log will support. In fact, if you try to use these files with one of these older versions of AC Log, your software will not work.

Installation Instructions

If you are using a current version of the N3FJP software, you should see this when you start the program and there is a new country file available:

If not, to update the country and prefix files, use this menu option:

Files -> Download Country Files From AD1C

To update all of N3FJP’s software, download all three files.

Checking your Installation

To verify that you have the new version of the files, try to log the callsign VERSION and then look in the Country field in the logging window (normally on the right). You should see a different country name come up for each country file release. The expected country name can be found in the Version History as the Version entity. Don’t save this “QSO”, use Clear to erase the callsign.

To see if the country files installed correctly, click on Awards, then “States, Counties, Countries Other”. Leaving the “List only valid entries” box checked, click on the Calculate button. In the Countries section, the total of Worked + Remaining should match the number of entities in the country file, which is also included in the Version History.

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