N3FJP – 20 April 2014

Version entity is Kazakhstan, UN

ADIFCnt.txt contains 340 current DXCC entities and 61 deleted entities
arrlpre2.txt contains 9744 prefix+callsign mappings
cqwwpre2.txt contains 9867 prefix+callsign mappings
arrlpre3.txt contains 14228 prefix+callsign mappings
cqwwpre3.txt contains 14351 prefix+callsign mappings


Added/changed Callsigns/prefixes:

  • 4U0R is Vienna Intl Ctr, *4U1V
  • IY9A is African Italy, *IG9
  • IT9RRU/LH is Sicily, *IT9
  • EA1RCI/IA and EA7URJ/CPM are both Spain, EA
  • TO6A is Guadeloupe, FG
  • TX4A is New Caledonia, FK
  • FT4G is Glorioso Islands, FT/g
  • FT4E and FT4J are both Juan de Nova, Europa, FT/j
  • FT4T is Tromelin Island, FT/t
  • GB0RSL is Northern Ireland, GI
  • GB1TAY is Scotland, GM
  • GB0MIW, GB2BEF, GB2BOM, GB2SFM, GB4ADU and GB70BTF are all Wales, GW
  • IZ6TGS/LH is Italy, I
  • K6CT, KT6V and W4YY are all US Virgin Islands, KP2
  • W1AW/PR is Puerto Rico, KP4
  • LU5ILA/L and LU8IEZ/L are both Argentina, LU
  • 4U0R is Austria, OE
  • OH0J/1 is Finland, OH
  • SV9DJO/7 is Greece, SV
  • RU80KEDR/P, UA0QQO/3, UE04YCS and UF2F/1/M are all European Russia, UA
  • RP69CM, RP69DK, RP69GP, RP69GR, RP69KE, RP69LK, RP69LL, RP69LS, RP69MC, RP69MD, RP69MM, RP69P, RP69R and RP69YN are all Asiatic Russia, UA9
  • RP69GS and RP69SF are both Asiatic Russia, UA9 in ITU zone 20
  • RP69GI, RP69NB, RP69PW and RP69UF are all Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 16
  • RP69KM is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 31
  • UA3AKO/0, UA3AKO/0/M and UA3AKO/9 are all Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 32
  • RP69SD and RP69V are both Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 19, ITU zone 34
  • VK5CE/8 is Australia, VK in CQ zone 29, ITU zone 55
  • VK9DLX is Lord Howe Island, VK9L

Retired Callsigns/prefixes:

  • GB0CI in Northern Ireland, GI
  • 5K0M in Malpelo Island, HK0/m
  • VE2BZO in Canada, VE