N3FJP – 05 May 2017

Version entity is Myanmar, XZ

ADIFCnt.txt has 337 current DXCC entities
and 64 deleted DXCC entities.

arrlpre3.txt has 18501 prefix+callsign mappings.
cqwwpre3.txt has 18650 prefix+callsign mappings.


Added/changed Callsigns/prefixes:

  • TO2SP is St. Barthelemy, FJ
  • TX5X is French Polynesia, FO
  • FO/JI1JKW is Austral Islands, FO/a
  • FO/IZ2ZTQ is Marquesas Islands, FO/m
  • GB0BCG and GB0SRC are both Scotland, GM
  • AL7QL is in ITU zone 6, not ITU zone 7
  • KP3U is in ITU zone 8, not ITU zone 7
  • AL7QL is in CQ zone 3, not CQ zone 4
  • KP3U is in CQ zone 5, not CQ zone 4
  • KH6JPO, KH6NU, KH7FJ, KL7R, KL7UO, NH6LM, WH6BPU, WH6DHN and WH7GC are all United States, K in CQ zone 3, ITU zone 6
  • KH6HPQ, KL4JQ, NL7BU, WH7DA, WL0JF, WP4GQR and WP4LC are all United States, K in CQ zone 4, ITU zone 7
  • KL0PE and KL3HQ are both United States, K in CQ zone 4, ITU zone 8
  • AH6AL, KH6JGA, KL2EY, KL2GG, KP4IT, NL7KX, NP3MX and WL7BAL are all United States, K in CQ zone 5, ITU zone 8
  • KH0C is Guam, KH2
  • K0OUS, K6AMA, KA0VHP, KC3GZT, KD5ACN, N3ZFY, N7NYY and NH2IB are all Hawaii, KH6
  • AE7KS, KC0CYR, KC1DL, KI4GAG, KN4CCY, W1ZKA and WB7QWM are all Alaska, KL
  • WB2KQW is US Virgin Islands, KP2
  • KB3BTN is Puerto Rico, KP4
  • LU3EJ/L is Argentina, LU
  • R870C, RV1CC/M, UA0QQJ/3, UA0XAK/3, UE25FO and UE99PW are all European Russia, UA
  • RP72X is European Russia, UA in CQ zone 17, ITU zone 20
  • R70LWA is in ITU zone 34, not ITU zone 30
  • R70LWA is in CQ zone 19, not CQ zone 17
  • RA36GS, RN3QOP/9, RP72AZ, RP72DT, RP72FI, RP72GB, RP72GK, RP72GP, RP72GR, RP72IM, RP72KB, RP72KE, RP72LL, RP72MJ, RP72MS, RP72OB, RP72PJ, RP72R, RP72SA, RP72TG, RP72ZW, RT60RT and RU5D/8 are all Asiatic Russia, UA9
  • RP72DS, RP72GS, RP72SF and RP72YF are all Asiatic Russia, UA9 in ITU zone 20
  • RP72AR, RP72GI, RP72GM, RP72UF, RP72WU and RZ5D/4 are all Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 16
  • RC4W/9, RP72BP, RP72KM, RP72MP, RP72NM and RP72SL are all Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 31
  • RP72AB is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 32
  • RP72DG and RP72SD are both Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 19, ITU zone 34
  • VK2FBBB/9 is Norfolk Island, VK9N
  • HF0ARC and RI1ANB are both South Shetland Islands, VP8/h
  • K4CY/M is Iraq, YI

Removed Callsigns/prefixes:

  • UA0XAK/3 in Ethiopia, ET
  • FO/JI1JKW in Marquesas Islands, FO/m
  • KH6FM, KL1WC, KP4EC, KP4JM, KP4KC, WL1B, WL7DN and WL7F in United States, K
  • W1PJ in Mariana Islands, KH0
  • NO9Y, W3FO, W4PPA and WG0V in Hawaii, KH6
  • N2OW in US Virgin Islands, KP2
  • N5WE in Puerto Rico, KP4
  • RZ5D/4 in European Russia, UA
  • RP72PK in Asiatic Russia, UA9
  • VY/RK0BWW in Canada, VE