DX4WIN.CTY #22.11 – 04 March 2022

Version entity is Montserrat, VP2M

Entities: 402
Prefixes: 4,664
Callsigns: 29,788
Managers: 92,205
Addresses: 12,938

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  • R50NDM from 02 March through 31 May 2022 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ Zone 17

QSL Managers (changes only, new stations with new managers are NOT listed)

  • 5B/US8ITL, 5B4ALB, A45VR and RT9T/3 are all via RN1B, not UG1B
  • 6Y9LM is via R9LM, not RV9LM
  • EM0KHNO is via UX3UU, not UT4UMZ
  • EU2F is direct only, not via EU1TU
  • R60F is via R2KW, not UA2FEK
  • R95WBZ is via R8WB, not R9WBZ
  • RT9T starting 14 September 2010 is via RN1B, not UG1B
  • RZ90W is via RZ5A, not RZ9W
  • UE3USD is via DJ0MEK, not UA3UAW


  • TM8C from 23-30 April 2022 is France, F on IOTA EU074