CTY-3412 – 29 March 2024

VER20240329, Version entity is Kyrgyzstan, EX
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Added/changed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • IT9ACJ/I/BO is Sicily, *IT9
  • TO8AN is St. Martin, FS
  • GB5ALV is Northern Ireland, GI
  • GB2WSS is Scotland, GM
  • KE0DXZ is Hawaii, KH6
  • KB7YEJ and KJ7UFK are both Alaska, KL
  • LU1DXC/L, LU7DZV/D, LW3EMP/L and LW6DLS/L are all Argentina, LU
  • R165ASP, R165IP, R165NN, R8FF/1 and UE79SZ are all European Russia, UA
  • R165RP and R95FSI are both Asiatic Russia, UA9
  • R0FBA/9 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 31
  • RW6MD/0 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 19, ITU zone 25

Removed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • 7O2WX in Yemen, 7O
  • IT9AAK/7 in Italy, I
  • AA3CM and KG7ART in Hawaii, KH6
  • KD7RF and KD7UZB in Alaska, KL
  • LU2CRV/D, LU2DT/D and LU4VS/V in Argentina, LU
  • R101AE, R101ME, R137YWI, R81AWD, R9HAF/3, R9KC/6, RA0BM/6 and RA3X/1 in European Russia, UA