CTY-3322 – 30 June 2023

VER20230630, Version entity is Belize, V3
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Added/changed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • GB2DRC is Scotland, GM
  • 2R0FLW and GB0ATM are both Wales, GW
  • AK9D is in ITU zone 6, not ITU zone 7
  • AK9D is in CQ zone 3, not CQ zone 4
  • N4UPX is United States, K in CQ zone 4, ITU zone 8
  • KI6WBS is Alaska, KL
  • TA1TW/6 is Asiatic Turkey, TA
  • UA4HAZ/P and UG4I/P are both in ITU zone 29, not ITU zone 30
  • R110AM, R32ARDF, R76MUN, R9CS/6 and R9FCS/4 are all European Russia, UA
  • RL1I/P is European Russia, UA in CQ zone 17, ITU zone 20
  • RD9U/0 is in ITU zone 35, not ITU zone 30

Removed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • GB2QM in Shetland Islands, *GM/s
  • DX0NE in Spratly Islands, 1S
  • TO5L in Martinique, FM
  • 23C and 2R in England, G
  • GB0JOG, GB2MBB and GB2QM in Scotland, GM
  • K4RVA, KD7HU, N9EXU, NK8Q and W8EHH in United States, K
  • N7ZXJ in Alaska, KL
  • AL7KI in Puerto Rico, KP4
  • LU7AEA/F in Argentina, LU
  • R0AAE/6, R8AT/6, RN2F/1, RP78A, RP78ACH, RP78AF, RP78AK, RP78AN, RP78AO, RP78AR, RP78AS, RP78AU, RP78B, RP78BA, RP78BK, RP78BR, RP78CTS, RP78DP, RP78DS, RP78EB, RP78FA, RP78FC, RP78GD, RP78GE, RP78GF, RP78GG, RP78GGG, RP78GL, RP78GO, RP78GRO, RP78GT, RP78GV, RP78I, RP78II, RP78IL, RP78IW, RP78IZ, RP78K, RP78KC, RP78KD, RP78KF, RP78KP, RP78KS, RP78KSF, RP78KT, RP78KUR, RP78L, RP78LDD, RP78LG, RP78LMF, RP78LO, RP78LU, RP78M, RP78MB, RP78MD, RP78MJ, RP78MK, RP78ML, RP78MM, RP78MR, RP78MY, RP78N, RP78NA, RP78NK, RP78NP, RP78NR, RP78NV, RP78O, RP78OP, RP78OT, RP78PB, RP78PD, RP78PF, RP78PI, RP78PK, RP78PKB, RP78PM, RP78PR, RP78PS, RP78PT, RP78PW, RP78QP, RP78RA, RP78RBA, RP78RD, RP78RK, RP78RP, RP78RT, RP78RZ, RP78S, RP78SB, RP78SE, RP78SER, RP78SG, RP78SIE, RP78SN, RP78SO, RP78SP, RP78SR, RP78SVY, RP78SWT, RP78T, RP78TA, RP78TF, RP78TFR, RP78TK, RP78TO, RP78TP, RP78TR, RP78TW, RP78UA, RP78UAI, RP78VF, RP78VK, RP78VTD, RP78W, RP78WD, RP78WF, RP78WK, RP78WN, RP78WV, RP78WZ, RP78X, RP78ZGN, RP78ZK, RP78ZKS, RP78ZM, RP78ZO, RP78ZS, UA0QNV/3 and UE78SZ in European Russia, UA
  • RD30RR, RP78AAP, RP78AB, RP78AEG, RP78AZ, RP78BD, RP78DG, RP78DT, RP78GS, RP78H, RP78J, RP78KIW, RP78KM, RP78KR, RP78MA, RP78MC, RP78MMK, RP78MP, RP78NIK, RP78P, RP78PAW, RP78RGA, RP78SDD, RP78SF, RP78SNI, RP78TG, RP78TOF, RP78TT, RP78U, RP78UF, RP78UR, RP78V, RP78YT and RP78ZAM in Asiatic Russia, UA9
  • VK3CAT/6 in Australia, VK