CTY-3112 – 17 May 2021

VER20210517, Version entity is Uruguay, CX
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Added/changed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • GB2QM is Shetland Islands, *GM/s
  • EA8CPU/DE is Canary Islands, EA8
  • GB2IOM is Isle of Man, GD
  • GB0GLS and GB1TMD are both Northern Ireland, GI
  • GB0SLB, GB0TTC and GB2QM are all Scotland, GM
  • GB6RNLI is Wales, GW
  • K9IG is United States, K in CQ zone 4, ITU zone 7
  • KD6APH and WL7CSW are both Hawaii, KH6
  • N4AKO is Puerto Rico, KP4
  • LU1FMS/F, LU1HYW/H, LU1LTL/L, LU4LBU/L, LU6FLZ/F, LU7FKK/F and LW3EMP/L are all Argentina, LU
  • LU2WA/W and LU9ESD/XO are both Argentina, LU in ITU zone 16
  • R0AI/3, R115MUSA, R65KZI, R75TKS, R800AN, R800ANG, R800ANL, R800ANN, R800ANV, R800RAN, RO10RT, RV1CC/1 and UA5B/4 are all European Russia, UA
  • R100KOMI and R8MB/1 are both European Russia, UA in CQ zone 17, ITU zone 20
  • R1PN/8 and UB5O/9 are both Asiatic Russia, UA9

Removed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • MM0MOL/P in Shetland Islands, *GM/s
  • RI01ANT in Antarctica, CE9
  • EA5ZD/URE in Spain, EA
  • EA8VK/URE in Canary Islands, EA8
  • MM0MOL/P in Scotland, GM
  • IT9PQJ/0 in Italy, I
  • II0ICV in Sardinia, IS
  • KE4YSP in Guam, KH2
  • KB5OXR and N0VYO in Hawaii, KH6
  • K5RD, K7BUF and KE5WGZ in Alaska, KL
  • KC5FWS in Puerto Rico, KP4
  • LU1AW/D, LU1XZ/H, LU2HA/H, LU3DVN/X, LU6DK/D and LU7DZV/D in Argentina, LU
  • R105IA, R125PR, R2014RK, R2014SE, R41WCMB, RK0HWW/1, RT9K/6, RV1CC/P and UA3LMR/P in European Russia, UA