CTY-3005 – 02 March 2020

VER20200302, Version entity is Albania, ZA
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Added/changed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • IQ1QQ/9 is Sicily, *IT9
  • AO15DXXE/8 is Canary Islands, EA8
  • TX8A is New Caledonia, FK
  • TO7DL is Reunion Island, FR
  • TO0A is St. Martin, FS
  • GB0GGR and GB5AG are both Scotland, GM
  • WP4OFO is United States, K in CQ zone 5, ITU zone 8
  • KG4NE is Guantanamo Bay, KG4
  • K7ZOX and KC2CLQ are both Hawaii, KH6
  • KH8S/NA6M is Swains Island, KH8/s
  • KF7WVE is Alaska, KL
  • KB0JRR, N4MMT and N4S are all Puerto Rico, KP4
  • LR3D/D, LU5DQ/D, LU8YD/XA, LU9JMG/J and LW3EK/D are all Argentina, LU
  • LT5V/V, LU1WFU/XA, LU8XW/XP and LU8YD/W are all Argentina, LU in ITU zone 16
  • R108M, R120FL and R125RM are all European Russia, UA
  • UD6AOP/0 is in ITU zone 25, not ITU zone 30
  • UD6AOP/0 is in CQ zone 19, not CQ zone 17
  • R207RRC is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 19, ITU zone 25

Removed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • 3D2AG/P in Rotuma Island, 3D2/r
  • EA1RCI/KD in Spain, EA
  • EA8BFH/P in Canary Islands, EA8
  • GS4WAB/P in Scotland, GM
  • K4LPQ and KG6MC in United States, K
  • K4XS in Hawaii, KH6
  • W8S in Swains Island, KH8/s
  • KF7GKY in Alaska, KL
  • K8RF in US Virgin Islands, KP2
  • LU4DQ/V in Argentina, LU
  • R100MTK, R2020NY, RA20NY, RC20NY, RG20NY, RK20NY, RO20NY, RT20NY, RT9T/1, RW20NY and RZ9OL/3/P in European Russia, UA
  • R100KM, RK4PA/9, RL20NY, RM20NY, RN20NY, RU20NY, RX20NY, RZ20NY, RZ5D/0, RZ5D/8 and RZ5D/9 in Asiatic Russia, UA9