CTY-2905 – 27 March 2019

VER20190327, Version entity is Amsterdam & St. Paul Is., FT/z
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Added/changed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • 3Y0I is Bouvet, 3Y/b
  • EA6LU/3 is Spain, EA
  • EA8BFH/P is Canary Islands, EA8
  • GB50WAB is Northern Ireland, GI
  • GB9GGM is Wales, GW
  • LU1SF/S and LU6HBB/H are both Argentina, LU
  • TA1D/4 is Asiatic Turkey, TA
  • R125IL and RN9N/1 are both European Russia, UA
  • R11UND and RA4RU/9 are both Asiatic Russia, UA9 in ITU zone 20
  • RW4YA/9 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 32

Removed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • 3Y0E in Bouvet, 3Y/b
  • RI1ANM, VP8DPJ and VP8ROT in Antarctica, CE9
  • E51AUZ and E51NPQ in North Cook Islands, E5/n
  • KC7USA and KC9NJG in Hawaii, KH6
  • LU4DPL/H in Argentina, LU
  • TA1FA/2 in Asiatic Turkey, TA
  • R9OM/6, RA76SK, RV1CC/1, UE76M and UE76MS in European Russia, UA
  • R100W in Asiatic Russia, UA9