CTY-2809 – 24 July 2018

VER20180724, Version entity is Poland, SP
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Added/changed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • GB5BL is Northern Ireland, GI
  • GB0TNL, GB1OL, GB1SLH, GB2AL, GB2CVL, GB2LBN, GB2THL and MB18FIFA are all Scotland, GM
  • GB1BPL, GB4EUL and GB8RAF are all Wales, GW
  • JD1YAB/JD1 is Minami Torishima, JD/m
  • KF6RLP, N1TEE, N3FUR, N6AI, W6KEV, WB0TZQ, WB8NCD, WC6B and WD0LFN are all Hawaii, KH6
  • AE5CP, KD5WEV, KJ4PSV and KN8IVE are all Alaska, KL
  • KD9GIZ and KN4NLZ are both Puerto Rico, KP4
  • LU1AW/X is Argentina, LU in ITU zone 16
  • UA3FQ/4 is in ITU zone 29, not ITU zone 30
  • UA3FQ/4 is in CQ zone 16, not CQ zone 17
  • R25RFF, RA9P/4, RD9CX/6, RN0CT/4, RN0JT/6, RO75NN, RO75O, RT9S/4, RU9LA/4, RW0UM/3, UA0ADX/3, UA0DM/4, UA0SC/4, UA9CTT/3 and UB0AJJ/3 are all European Russia, UA
  • UA9XK/1 is European Russia, UA in ITU zone 19
  • R8MB/1 is European Russia, UA in CQ zone 17, ITU zone 20
  • RZ5D/9 is in ITU zone 32, not ITU zone 31
  • UA9SUV/8 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in ITU zone 20

Removed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • GB2MUC in Shetland Islands, *GM/s
  • GB4SOS in Northern Ireland, GI
  • GB1LL, GB5BOH and GM4WSB/P in Scotland, GM
  • GB4RME and MB18FIFA in Wales, GW
  • 4U80FOC in Italy, I
  • N6DZR, WA8WZG and WH7AA in United States, K
  • KI6HBZ in Hawaii, KH6
  • K6ANE in Alaska, KL
  • LU4MA/H in Argentina, LU
  • OE6XMF/U20 in Austria, OE
  • R100LPU, R100MPW, R100PO, R100PW, R100PZ, R1630SR, R315SPB, R350SA, R8FF/P, R9CMA/4 and RT9T/6 in European Russia, UA
  • R100RG, R16UGRA, R25RFF, R90ORC and RD0L/9 in Asiatic Russia, UA9
  • ZL80FOC in New Zealand, ZL