Big CTY – 25 November 2022

Version entity is Sardinia, IS


Added/changed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • 3Y0J is Bouvet, 3Y/b
  • A6050Y/1, A6050Y/2, A6050Y/3, A6050Y/4, A6050Y/5, A6050Y/6, A6050Y/7, A6050Y/8, A6050Y/9, A60AAP/1, A60AAP/2, A60AAP/3, A60AAP/4, A60AAP/5, A60AAP/6, A60AAP/7, A60AAP/8, A60AAP/9, A60ARS/1, A60ARS/2, A60ARS/3, A60ARS/4, A60ARS/5, A60ARS/6, A60ARS/7, A60ARS/8, A60ARS/9, A60BHR/0, A60BHR/1, A60BHR/2, A60BHR/3, A60BHR/4, A60BHR/5, A60BHR/6, A60BHR/7, A60BHR/8, A60BHR/9, A60CH/0, A60CH/1, A60CH/2, A60CH/3, A60CH/4, A60CH/5, A60CH/6, A60CH/7, A60CH/8, A60CH/9, A60EMM/0, A60EMM/1, A60EMM/2, A60EMM/3, A60EMM/4, A60EMM/5, A60EMM/6, A60EMM/7, A60EMM/8, A60EMM/9, A60EXPO/0, A60EXPO/1, A60EXPO/2, A60EXPO/3, A60EXPO/4, A60EXPO/5, A60EXPO/6, A60EXPO/7, A60EXPO/8, A60EXPO/9, A60FD/0, A60FD/1, A60FD/2, A60FD/3, A60FD/4, A60FD/5, A60FD/6, A60FD/7, A60FD/8, A60FD/9, A60HF/0, A60HF/1, A60HF/2, A60HF/3, A60HF/4, A60HF/5, A60HF/6, A60HF/7, A60HF/8, A60HF/9, A60KWT/0, A60KWT/1, A60KWT/2, A60KWT/3, A60KWT/4, A60KWT/5, A60KWT/6, A60KWT/7, A60KWT/8, A60KWT/9, A60MD/0, A60MD/1, A60MD/2, A60MD/3, A60MD/4, A60MD/5, A60MD/6, A60MD/7, A60MD/8, A60MD/9, A60NMT/1, A60NMT/2, A60NMT/3, A60NMT/4, A60NMT/5, A60NMT/6, A60NMT/7, A60NMT/8, A60NMT/9, A60SFD/1, A60SFD/2, A60SFD/3, A60SFD/4, A60SFD/5, A60SFD/6, A60SFD/7, A60SFD/8, A60SFD/9, A60SH/1, A60SH/2, A60SH/3, A60SH/4, A60SH/5, A60SH/6, A60SH/7, A60SH/8, A60SH/9, A60STAYHOME/1, A60STAYHOME/2, A60STAYHOME/3, A60STAYHOME/4, A60STAYHOME/5, A60STAYHOME/6, A60STAYHOME/7, A60STAYHOME/8, A60STAYHOME/9, A60WARD/0, A60WARD/1, A60WARD/2, A60WARD/3, A60WARD/4, A60WARD/5, A60WARD/6, A60WARD/7, A60WARD/8, A60WARD/9, A60WSW/1, A60WSW/2, A60WSW/3, A60WSW/4, A60WSW/5, A60WSW/6, A60WSW/7, A60WSW/8, A60WSW/9, A60WTIS/0, A60WTIS/1, A60WTIS/2, A60WTIS/3, A60WTIS/4, A60WTIS/5, A60WTIS/6, A60WTIS/7, A60WTIS/8, A60WTIS/9, A60ZHD/0, A60ZHD/1, A60ZHD/2, A60ZHD/3, A60ZHD/4, A60ZHD/5, A60ZHD/6, A60ZHD/7, A60ZHD/8 and A60ZHD/9 are all United Arab Emirates, A6
  • FT4YM/P is in ITU zone 70, not ITU zone 71
  • FT4YM/P is in CQ zone 29, not CQ zone 30
  • VP8/SQ1SGB/P is Antarctica, CE9 in CQ zone 38, ITU zone 67
  • EA6XQ/P is Spain, EA
  • KH7X and KL7JIQ are both United States, K in CQ zone 3, ITU zone 6
  • W2UP and W6LAX are both United States, K in CQ zone 4, ITU zone 7
  • KI4IGB and N8V are both United States, K in CQ zone 4, ITU zone 8
  • K9OM and WE8R are both United States, K in CQ zone 5, ITU zone 8
  • N6ABW is Hawaii, KH6
  • N2KJU is Alaska, KL
  • LU4DX/D is Argentina, LU
  • LU1XBK/XA is Argentina, LU in ITU zone 16
  • R8XF/M is in ITU zone 20, not ITU zone 29
  • R8XF/M is in CQ zone 17, not CQ zone 16
  • R0QAW/3, R80URAN and UA9CTT/P are all European Russia, UA
  • RC7LE/9 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 31
  • RN1B/0 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 19, ITU zone 34
  • VA2VT is Canada, VE in CQ zone 2, ITU zone 4

Removed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • EA6XQ/P in Canary Islands, EA8
  • N2KJU in Hawaii, KH6
  • RL1O and RL1P in European Russia, UA
  • RD0C, RF9W, RG9O, RI0B, RI9K, RJ9J, RM0A, RM0F, RM0I, RM0M, RM9H, RN0A, RN0F, RN9S, RO9O, RO9S, RQ1A, RQ9I, RT0Q, RT8T, RT9S, RT9T, RT9W and UA9CTT/P in Asiatic Russia, UA9