Big CTY – 21 May 2023

Version entity is Clipperton Island, FO/c


Added/changed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • GR4CVT is Wales, GW
  • KL7KTC, WH0AAR, WL7BYD and WL7KG are all United States, K in CQ zone 3, ITU zone 6
  • WL7BBD is United States, K in CQ zone 4, ITU zone 7
  • AH6MY and K0C/C are both United States, K in CQ zone 5, ITU zone 8
  • W8S is Swains Island, KH8/s
  • LU1ALG/I is Argentina, LU
  • RM0F/7 is European Russia, UA
  • R8WB/M and UG4I/P are both European Russia, UA in ITU zone 30
  • UA9CTT/M is in CQ zone 17, not CQ zone 16
  • R105VAM is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 16
  • R105SPW is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 31
  • VK3CAT/6 is Australia, VK in CQ zone 29, ITU zone 58

Removed Entities/Prefixes/Callsigns:

  • A6050Y/6, A60AAP/6, A60AP/6, A60ARS/6, A60BHR/6, A60CH/6, A60EMM/6, A60EXPO/6, A60FD/6, A60FIFA/6, A60HF/6, A60KWT/6, A60MD/6, A60NMT/6, A60OMA/6, A60QATAR/6, A60SFD/6, A60SH/6, A60STAYHOME/6, A60WARD/6, A60WSW/6, A60WTIS/6 and A60ZHD/6 in United Arab Emirates, A6
  • GB1SOS in Northern Ireland, GI
  • R8WB/M and UG4I/P in Asiatic Russia, UA9