Big CTY – 16 February 2016

Version entity is East Malaysia, 9M6


Added/changed Callsigns/prefixes:

  • RI1AND is Antarctica, CE9 in CQ zone 38, ITU zone 67
  • VE100VIMY is France, F
  • TO1TAAF is Reunion Island, FR
  • N6EAX is Mariana Islands, KH0
  • WB7AXZ is Guam, KH2
  • KC6YIO, KG4HZF, KJ6TJZ, NQ8Z, WB5ZOV and WD8LIB are all Hawaii, KH6
  • AE7SB, KC2PCV, KC7PLJ, KI6DES, KM4PJH and N7TBU are all Alaska, KL
  • KE5ZFH is US Virgin Islands, KP2
  • KB1RUQ, KD5PKH and WH2ALC are all Puerto Rico, KP4
  • LW4EM/D is Argentina, LU
  • LU1WBM/W is Argentina, LU in ITU zone 16
  • RW3DU/N is European Russia, UA
  • R44YETI/8 is Asiatic Russia, UA9
  • RQ0C/9 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 18, ITU zone 32
  • R44YETI/0 is Asiatic Russia, UA9 in CQ zone 19, ITU zone 34
  • UT1KY/AAW is Ukraine, UR
  • VK6YB/2 is in ITU zone 59, not ITU zone 58
  • VK6YB/2 is in CQ zone 30, not CQ zone 29
  • VK3MCD/6 is Australia, VK in CQ zone 29, ITU zone 58

Retired Callsigns/prefixes:

  • W6TN in Alaska, KL